About Robin A. Wright


Robin A. Wright believes that by becoming the best possible version of ourselves and building meaningful connections across difference we can create communities, institutions, and a society that upholds the full humanity and dignity of all individuals. This belief has driven Robin’s life work as a change agent and motivational speaker. She brings her full and authentic self to all of her work and centers healing and wellness in all that she does. Whether she’s speaking to a group of high school and college students about overcoming adversity or challenging institutional leaders to deepen their commitment to equity and inclusion, Robin brings a unique set of insight and experience to all of her work.

Robin knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity. Like far too many Americans, Robin grew up in a poor, working-class family where basic necessities could not always be taken for granted. As a result, she knows what it feels like to live on the brink of homelessness, ever-present food insecurity, and the constant fear of eviction. These economic hardships were further complicated by the presence of domestic violence and addiction within the home, and the community-level street violence in the various neighborhoods she grew up in. Add still to this, the challenge of moving through the world as a queer, Black, woman and it cannot be said the Robin has had an easy life. Yet, she has continued to rise and work toward healing and wholeness for herself and those around her.

Unfortunately, Robin’s experiences can be echoed my millions. This understanding fuels Robin’s passion and commitment as an advocate and change agent. She knows that her identity as a Black person made her disproportionately more likely to experience the multitude of conditions to which she was subjected. She knows too that as a woman she is at risk of falling victim to the intimate partner violence that continues to plague families of all income brackets, ethnic groups, and lifestyles. This emboldens her as an advocate and change agent who works to create communities, institutions, and a society that upholds the full humanity and dignity of all individuals — regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or any other identity that sets us apart.

Her experience too has driven her commitment to healing and wellness. She believes that hurt people hurt people, and that much of the pain, violence, and hatred that happens in the world is a symptom of unresolved pain and fear. This fuels her work as a motivational speaker as she challenges her audiences to overcome adversity and move toward healing and wholeness in spite of their circumstances.

Robin incorporates healing and wellness into all aspects of her life, including her role as a single mother of an amazing little Black boy. She works to instill resilience and emotional wellness into his way-of-life as she prepares him to exist as a Black male in this world. Thus, she sees resilience and self-care as a revolutionary act — one that will embolden individuals as active participants of change and societal transformation.

Robin A. Wright is a skilled facilitator and proven change agent. She has facilitated hundreds of training sessions reaching thousands of individuals across an array of industries. She got her start as a trainer when she became the first ever facilitation specialist on staff at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity at The Ohio State University. While there, she transformed information sessions into a robust training program complete with presentations, workshops, webinars, and more.

Today, Robin A. Wright continues to catalyze individual and institutional change as a diversity training and curriculum consultant. Her unique combination of experience and education has cultivated her ability to transform institutional will into real change – both culturally and procedurally. Robin received her master of public administration from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University and a bachelor of arts in Pan-African Studies at Kent State University.

Robin is an expert. She has been featured on various media platforms including NPR (WBEZ – Chicago; and KCUR – Kansas City), The New York Times, and the forthcoming documentary “This Changes Everything” which examines gender bias in Hollywood.