About Robin A. Wright

Robin A. Wright believes that by becoming the best possible version of ourselves and building meaningful connections across difference, we can create communities, institutions, and a society that upholds the full humanity and dignity of all individuals. This belief drives her life work as a diversity, equity and inclusion leadership coach, a cultivator of community healing and restoration, and an equity training facilitator.  She understands white supremacy as a system of oppression that causes and manifests as trauma. As such, she treats the work of anti-racism as healing work. She understands that for our society to change, individuals must change. With this understanding as her anchor, she works with individuals and groups to help them make a positive impact in the world by developing their capacity to think differently, heal through the pain of injustice, and engage in the radical acts  necessary to bring about sustainable change.

Robin’s commitment to healing and anti-racism work is fueled by her own life journey. Like far too many Americans, Robin grew up in the cross-section of poverty, violence, and multiple sources of chronic and generational trauma. For years, her own growth and development was stifled by the remnants of this trauma. And while her story is echoed by many around the nation and world, her lived experience as an African American and her educational background cultivated in her an acute awareness of how systemic inequities made her disproportionately more likely to experience the multitude of conditions to which she was subjected. This awareness emboldens her as an advocate and change agent.

As a practitioner, Robin combines what she has learned while on her own healing journey with her educational and professional background as a racial justice activist. She has taken multiple courses on trauma and healing and has spent several years studying holistic polarity techniques. Furthermore, Robin has worked in several notable racial justice and advocacy organizations including the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity, the ACLU of Ohio and most recently as a Senior Social Equity Specialist at Design Impact. She received her bachelor of arts in Pan-African Studies from Kent State University and a master of public administration from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University.