Equity & inclusion leadership coaching

Robin A. Wright works with organizational leaders to increase their capacity to lead with equity and inclusion at their core. She does this by helping them cultivate the courage and capacity to think differently, manage complex and competing priorities, take calculated risks and become inclusive leaders. Robin provides equity and inclusion leadership coaching that is personalized, timely, transformative, and ongoing.  Through coaching, leaders are able to get the support needed to realize lasting and meaningful change.  After all, for our organizations to change, each of us have to change; we have to do the personal internal work necessary to uncover our own biases, impediments to equity and inclusion, and move toward courageous action. 

The benefits of e&I coaching

coaching is personalized

Coaching avoids the one size fits all approach of group training sessions. Instead, Robin will provide you with support that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

coaching is timely and relevant

With coaching you can practice the skills while cultivating them. Robin provides her clients with timely feedback & support when challenges occur.

coaching is transformative

Immerse yourself in the reflective practice and introspection required to build your capacity. Using inclusive leadership as a core framework, Robin will help you go deeper and experience personal transformation.

coaching is ongoing

Robin helps leaders develop confidence in their ability to move the needle on diversity and inclusion by providing ongoing support and practice. After all, it takes more than a training session to cultivate the capacity to affect change

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