diversity consulting services

Research shows that well-managed diverse teams generate greater innovation, enhanced problem solving, and overall better results than homogeneous groups.   Similarly, diverse communities with equitable resource distribution encounter fewer public health, educational, and criminal justice issues. For these reasons, diversity continues to be of significant importance to organizational leaders, corporate executives and public officials. Indeed, nearly all institutions list diversity and inclusion as a primary goal, core value, or operating principle. Yet, very few entities achieve their diversity metrics from year-to-year.   

Using her unique combination of experience and education, Robin works with organizations and communities to build their capacity to turn-the-tide on stagnation and achieve measurable progress on their equity and inclusion goals.

Institutional Change Management

Using change management principles and a multifaceted process, Robin works with her clients to co-create and implement a pathway out of diversity stagnation and toward inclusion. She uses a people-centered and inclusive approach and she engages staff at all levels in the change process.

Build Sustainable Communities

Robin partners with communities to develop creative solutions to complex problems. She engages individuals in an intentional multi-step process designed to expose opportunities for innovation and transformation while co-creating a blueprint to help them achieve their goals. 

Diversity Training Services

Robin A. Wright utilizes a comprehensive process designed to inform participant thinking, equip them with tools to transform their lives and institutions, and enable individuals to inspire one another toward change. Popular topics include: implicit bias, leading with inclusion, and institutional racism.

Facilitation & Agenda Planning Services

Robin is adept at process planning and ensuring that learning targets are reached. She possess a unique ability to hold space during difficult conversations and adapt on-the-fly to ensure a meaningful and productive experience for participants.

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