Racial healing & reconciliation

Racism impacts us all in deep and painful ways. It fractures our sense of belonging, connection, and self-dignity. It distorts our perceptions of ourselves and others and causes us to engage in actions and behaviors that run counter to our expressed values and even our own personal well being. The effects are amplified for those of us with marginalized racial identities. We forever walk the tight rope between what the world says about us and what we want to believe is true about who we are. We are often forced into a constant state of hyper-vigilance and self-preservation mode as we work both consciously and unconscious to withstand the oppressive conditions caused by White supremacy and in many cases literally just to stay alive. Taken together, there is a clear need for individual and collective healing, reconciliation, and restoration. 

With this understanding in mind, Robin takes a holistic approach to racial healing and reconciliation which includes identifying and repairing fractures in our bodies (nervous system), our minds (our stories, self-narratives), and our relationships (our connection to self and others).

Black healing retreats

Racism impacts different groups differently. The prevalence and impact of anti-Black racism necessitates the creation of black-centric racial healing and restoration spaces. Robin works with communities, churches, and organizations to create intentional spaces where rejuvenation and transformation can occur.

Racial reconciliation round tables

For racial reconciliation to occur we must find ways to build meaningful connections across difference. Robin works with diverse groups to cultivate such connections by facilitating intentional space for reflection, introspection, and cross-cultural dialogue about how white supremacy impacts our daily lives and institutions.

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