Motivational Speaking

 The key to building stronger communities, better institutions, and a more just society is to empower and equip individuals to be their best selves. This belief and her own life journey fuels her work as a motivational speaker. She blends authentic storytelling, humor, and inspiration to engage and inspire her audiences to foster resilience and move toward their own wellness. Robin offers inspiration and motivation on a variety of topics. Each speech is tailored to reflect the needs and demographics of the audience so rest assured that regardless which topic you select, you will receive a unique and powerful session.

Find balance: Put C.a.r.e. into your work

As an activist and recovering work-a-holic Robin knows how hard it is to maintain balance when doing social justice work. In her quest for peace and rest amidst the movements she's learned a few tools and she wants to share them with you! If you're feeling the burnout, get inspired while learning practical strategies for sustainable advocacy!

When Life gives you lemons.... Moving toward healing

Robin has had to make lemonade out of more than her share of the world's lemons. Through her experiences she's learned the importance of healing. No longer is she a passive bystander to her own life and neither should you be. Get inspire while learning how you too can overcome adversity and be your best self even in the midst of life's lemons.

Find your voice & move into action

An activist through and through, Robin understands the importance of helping folks find their voice and move into action! The bottom-line is that we are all leaders but many of us have untapped and unrealized potential. Get inspired and learn how to unlock your capacity for leadership and impact! Move into action and become the architect of your own future!

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